Reverse Proxy from HTTP to HTTPS with Apache

The other day, I had problem accessing an HTTPS site from a Python script. Since I had no time to spend figuring out why (it was for a personal project anyway), I decided to make a reverse proxy using Apache. However, unlike the commonly setup reverse proxy, this one is to make an HTTPS site available as HTTP site.

This is what I needed to put in my Apache config.

    SSLProxyEngine On
    ProxyPass /
    ProxyPassReverse /

I also had to enable mod_proxy and mod_ssl which can be done easily (on Debian based system) by running the following command

# a2enmod proxy ssl

Then reload or restart Apache

# service apache2 reload

The most important bit in the config above is SSLProxyEngine On. Without this the proxy would not work!

3 thoughts on “Reverse Proxy from HTTP to HTTPS with Apache”

  1. aq juga mengalami hal ini, ketika memasukann link feed wordpress yg make https, ga mau keluar feed nya di planet tapi ketika memasukkan link feed yg make http ya jalan feed nya dan bisa tampil di skrg solusi nya harus edit virtualhost ya? aq soalnya make shared server. apa bisa edit virtualhost di share server supaya aq bisa gunain planet feed aggregator?

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