Ubuntu Repository: Total Packages and Sizes

Long time ago, I made a chart that shows Ubuntu Repositories’ size over several releases. At that time, there were only 6 releases and 1 release that was still being worked on. Fast forward almost 6 years later, now we have 18 Ubuntu releases, yay! How does that chart look like now?

Well, here we go! I just made some new charts!

Ubuntu Releases - Packages and SIzes

The full charts can be seen at http://fajran.github.io/vis-ubuntu-pkg/

As you can see, the repositories are constantly growing. Ubuntu starts with about 8 GB of packages and now it has more than 50 GB. The number of packages is also growing from just over 12.5 thousands and now it almost three times larger.

How did I count the numbers? I took the package index files (a.k.a. Packages file) and counted the number of packages inside. I also summed the size of each packages to get the size of the repository. The files are from the at-release repository which means I excluded the -updates and -security repositories. The at-release repository is presumably frozen and therefore the size won’t change anymore, where the latest two repositories are for the updates, which by definition are always updated. Well.. except when the release is not supported anymore.

I put all of the codes I wrote and use in my GitHub repository https://github.com/fajran/vis-ubuntu-pkg. Feel free to check, modify, and update it. I release the whole thing as public domain!

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Repository: Total Packages and Sizes”

    1. For the ones that I made, no. I only gathered data from the official Ubuntu repositories and I only took packages for i386 and amd64 architectures. Cubox uses ARM variation so it’s not part of it.

      But if you know the repository, the same chart can easily be created 🙂

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