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When I merged all of my scattered blogs few days ago, I tried to import my blog posts from Blogger to this WordPress installation. My first shot was to use WordPress’ own Blogger Importer but apparently the result was not so good (I think). Some texts were garbled and gone. For example, the iframe tag from SoundCloud in my post about OS X’ Text-To-Speech “Improvisation” was eaten by either the converter script or WordPress. Either way, it didn’t work flawlessly and I had to find out another way to export the posts.

Then I realized that Blogger provides a tool to download all of our blog posts, including comments (and I assume the pages as well, but I didn’t test it since I don’t have pages). I tried this out and got a machine readable XML file. Wohoo!

WordPress has it’s own way to do data migration between WordPress blogs. The good thing is it’s also an XML file! If somehow I can convert the XML file from Blogger to the one that WordPress uses, everything should be set 😀

A couple hours later, I got this very simple converter script. It may not be efficient and it also has several hardcoded values (check the categories part) but it suits what I wanted 😀

Have fun!

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  1. Kenapa nggak pake ini aja Bang? wordpress2blogger dot appspot dot com. Atau blogger2wordpress dot appspot dot com.

    Atau kalau mau pake jasa ane, bisa ke sini.. slash sangprabo *gelar lapak*

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