Tongseng – a TUIO wrapper for Mac OS X multitouch events

Introducing.. Tongseng!

If you happen to have a MacBook or MacBookPro with a multi-touch touchpad in it, get ready to access many TUIO-enabled multi-touch applications right on your Mac =D Instead of using a multi-touch table, you can also use your multi-touch touchpad to control those applications.

Download Tongseng, mount the dmg file, and run Tongseng. Click the Start button to let Tongseng sends all touches on your touchpad to TUIO-enabled multi-touch applications.

So.. have fun!

4 thoughts on “Tongseng – a TUIO wrapper for Mac OS X multitouch events”

  1. This is almost a year late, but thanks for making Tongseng!

    Also, I have a question: Is Tongseng capable of dealing with more than one multitouch source? Like, for instance, an internal MBP trackpad and a Magic Trackpad, or even two or more Magic Trackpads at the same time?

    I ask because I am considering buying two or more Magic Trackpads to put side-by-side tough surface array, and I'm trying to find out what options I have for dealing with the data they put out. I know the Max/MSP "Fingerpinger" external can handle multiple Magic Trackpads, but I like Tongseng better; seems a lighter, more elegant solution, and it works well with OSCulator, a TUIO compatible OSC/MIDI routing program.

    I'm very curious to find out if what I want is possible using Tongseng. Thanks again for the wonderful application 🙂


  2. Hi Scott, I am very glad to know if Tongseng is helpful for you! Thanks!

    Regarding your question, honestly, I don't know what the answer is. I don't have the Magic Trackpad so I cannot test the application myself. Sorry if I cannot be more helpful..

  3. Hi Fajran. Thanks for your response! I just picked up a couple Magic Trackpads for testing, and it seems that Tongseng doesn't recognize the Magic Trackpad. If you decide to try and update Tongseng, I would be happy to help you test the update.



  4. Hi Scott and Iang,

    Tongseng is able to recognize a Magic trackpad, but only the first one connected. For a MacBook Pro that’s the built-in Trackpad. If you use a normal Mac you can use the first Trackpad you connect.
    If you find a solution for multiple Trackpads please let me know.


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