Calling a Plugin in Tulip

After digging Tulip‘s code for several days, I still couldn’t find out how to load and run a plugin. This afternoon, my thesis project assistant sent me a working sample code that does what I want! Only in one or two days I guess. Oh God, he’s so fast!

This is how it’s done.

  1. Initialize Tulip. At least I can figure this out myself 🙂

  2. Check the existence of a plugin.

    string layoutName = "Circular";
  3. And this is the most important chunk of code that I’m looking for.

    tlp::LayoutProperty *myLayout = graph->getProperty<tlp::LayoutProperty>("viewLayout");
    graph->computeProperty(layoutName, myLayout, errorMsg);

After that, the layouting is hopefully done. We only need to iterate the vertices and get position of each vertex.

tmp1 = myLayout->getNodeValue(n);
printf("node: %d, x=%f, y=%f, z=%fn",, tmp1.getX(), tmp1.getY(), tmp1.getZ());

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